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Note: there are  some fun and off-topic questions published below.  All serious and on-topic questions and their answers will be listed first ...

Where are you located?

834 East Front Street

Port Angeles, WA  98362

(360) 504-0047

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If I rent and office there, do I get a front door key, too?

It depends upon the type of office you are renting.

All those that rent permanent offices (not by the hour or virtual offices) will receive a key to their own office door as well as a key for the front door entry.

How do I get my office listed on the Google map?

Google maps was previously associated with google places, but is now called "Google My Business."

  1. You will need a google account.  It starts with setting up a gmail account.  We suggest that you create a gmail account (which will actually give you a google account) specifically for your business.  In other words, if you have a personal gmail account, we advise that you create another one (it is free) for your business as well.
  2. After you create your gmail account, find "Google My Business" type in your address in the form.  Google will not find it.  Continue to type in your complete address at Port Angeles Business Central.
  3. Be sure to keep going to claim your address - you will get to a place to "Send a Post Card."  Be sure and click it and you will see a message that tells you that you will receive the card (google will mail it here) within 2 weeks.
  4. When we get your card, we will call you (and we will email your verification code to you as well).
  5. Armed with your verification code that was mailed to Port Angeles Business Central, you login to your google account (gmail) and proceed back to Google My Business and verify your address.
  6. That's it!  Your new business office is on Google Maps!

Please Note: We have done our best to provide clear instructions for you to follow above, enabling you to do this yourself if you want to.  We have not found many small business owners that could successfully navigate their way through the google my business setup and we are sorry for that and acknowledge that it can be confusing, but we did not create the program!

Please do not call us to ask us for clarification or further instructions or to do this for you unless you are willing to pay us for the time!  We will do this all for you for $100.

Off Topic & Just for Fun

Are You My Mother?

No.  Seems I remember a book I read as a child in which this question was asked repeatedly ... 

Why do we park in drive ways and drive on parkways?

Go figure.

Which came first: the chicken or the egg?

The chicken came first.  God made everything with "its seed in itself", ready to reproduce.

If insects evolved millions of years after flowering plants, how did the plants get pollinated?

You choose:

  • A: aliens
  • B: bigfoot
  • C: the Easter bunny did it with a Thanksgiving turkey feather
  • D: the truth is more like things got started with a "Big Bang" - which was by special creation, and they all started at about the same time, thus all of the current systems that are required for life were set in motion by a sovereign and benevolent Creator.

Note: "The Cambrian explosion, or less commonly Cambrian radiation, was the relatively short evolutionary event, beginning around 542 million years ago in the Cambrian Period, during which most major animal phyla appeared, as indicated by the fossil record." - Wikipedia

Consider: "The Cambrian Explosion is the supposed explosion of life in which only a few simple organisms immediately burst into a immense variety of more complex organisms. This was also a point in time when many organisms went extinct. The evidence and basis for this idea is that there are simpler fossils in the lower rock layers and in just a few layers above these there is a large variety of complex life forms fossilized in the higher Cambrian layers.

How could the theory of evolution explain such an impossibly fast transition of fossils in the fossil record? Could the organisms have evolved that fast? Was there more time that is not recorded between those rock layers? What could be the cause of so much change?"